Keramikos blokai

Fine-particle feldspar ceramic blocks for the CEREC and inLab System. Since VITABLOCS Mark II are suitable for inlays, onlays, veneers, posterior and anterior restorations, they cover a wide range of indications and ensure economic processing. The monochromatic fine structure feldspar ceramic blocks have proven their reliability a million times over. The VITABLOCS Mark II ceramic features an abrasion behavior very similar to that of natural enamel. The VITABLOCS ceramic is primarily used for the fabrication of monolithic restorations but can also be individualized with VITA VM 9.

Fine-structure feldspar ceramic blocks with three different degrees of color saturation. The VITABLOCS fine structure feldspar ceramic is available as TriLuxe block type with three layers of different shade intensity. This multi-layer block enables computer-assisted reproduction of natural shade transitions in teeth VITABLOCS TriLuxe are made from the proven VITABLOCS ceramic!

Fine-structure feldspar ceramic blocks with four different degrees of color saturation. VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte is another generation of VITABLOCS and includes four layers of different shade intensity. The VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte are based on the VITABLOCS Mark II which have proven their clinical reliability in numerous successful restorations for more than 20 years. Finer nuances of the shade transition from the enamel to the neck layer can be achieved while the chroma in the lower dentine or neck area is increased. In combination with increasing fluorescence in the cervical area, a natural shade effect is obtained even for thin layers.

The innovative VITABLOCS RealLife were especially developed for highly esthetic anterior restorations. The three-dimensional block structure with dentine core and enamel coat imitates the curved shade transitions between dentine and incisal edge. Accordingly, VITABLOCS RealLife restorations may have more cervical or incisal proportions in accordance with the natural shade nuances of the residual tooth substance. The material of the VITABLOCS RealLife is the VITABLOCS fine-structure feldspar ceramic which has proven its clinical reliability a million times over.

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