VITA CAD-Temp® monoColor for CEREC®/inLab®

Composite blocks for the fabrication of long-term temporary restorations

The proven CAD/CAM composite VITA CAD-Temp monoColor is a cross-linked acrylate polymer with microfiller. It is used for the fabrication of monochromatic long-term temporary restorations. VITA CAD-Temp was developed on the basis of the proven VITA tooth material. If required, it can be individualized with the light-curing VITA VM LC veneering composite.


High long-term stability:

Long-term resistent thanks to outstanding material stiffness; based on the proven and reliable VITA tooth material.   

Nature-like shade effect:

Nature-like, esthetic result; individual shade nuances can be reproduced with VITA VM LC veneering composite.


CAD/CAM technology enables economic fabrication of long-term temporary restorations and reduces manual processing.

Wide indication range:

Bridge restorations with up to 7 units can be fabricated with CAD-Temp (CT-55).


Fully and partially anatomical bridges and crowns as long-term temporary restorations



Available in 4 VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER Shades: 0M1T, 1M2T, 2M2T and 3M2T


Available in 3 VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER Shades: 1M2T, 2M2T and 3M2T


Package with 2 or 10 pieces

CT-40 (15,5 x 19 x 39 mm)

Package with 1 piece

CT-55 (15,5 x 19 x 55 mm)

System compatibility:

With CEREC, inLab and CEREC/inLab MC XL systems from Sirona. For CT-55 geometry: inLab/CEREC MC XL system, software version 3.60 or later.

IMPORTANT: A modified tank with a reinforced filter system is required for processing with the small milling system!


VITA CAD-Temp restorations can be individualized with VITA VM LC.


Provisional, eugenol-free cementing materials, such as RelyX Temp NE (3M Espe), Prevision Cem (Heraeus Kulzer) and (Ivoclar Vivadent) are recommended for temporary bonding of VITA-CAD Temp. Definitive bonding is recommended for a period of wearing of more than 4 weeks.


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